"R³" - A Mind-Bending Novel - $4.99 / $13.99

[ Kindle | Paperback | 240 pages | 1st Edition ]

Dry and wicked, R³ takes us on a gripping metaphysical journey, to distant and mysterious dream worlds, to the dark subconscious, and into the ultimate trip. Set in a world where people have lost the ability to dream, menial John Hammond finds one of the last remaining bottles of the highly craved and coveted R³ – a synthesized beverage that provides the consumer with a set of recycled dreams. During a night out, fueled by chaotic dreams, John encounters Nina, a beautiful girl with striking, kaleidoscopic eyes, whom he feels he shares a strong connection with. After this encounter, John gets pulled into a whirlpool of destructive events, accelerating beyond his control. He can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy. What is real? What’s in his subconscious mind? And ultimately, what can he truly classify as real? As R³ distorts his reality, everyone around him gets sucked into his all-consuming dream-world; his erratic mother who slowly becomes a vicious creature, younger than himself; his drug dealer, a new-age, Chinese man who deteriorates as he gives birth to a hypnotic religion; his dead, psychotic landlord who lives in his apartment and walks on his ceiling; the doctor who shares with him more than a name; and finally, John himself, who can’t help but continually decay, falling apart at the seams; all unraveling into parallel timelines, slowly getting pulled into a single, lawless reality.

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